Coping strategies

Every-day things I do to relax

The older I get, the more apparent it becomes that I need a daily way to handle even the small stresses, so they don’t accumulate and strangle me eventually. Over the last three months I’ve noted that I naturally started doing things that are pleasurable to me:

  • Baking: I just finished baking a batch of Paleo brownies, recipe thanks to Elana’s Pantry. Love searching for new recipes and enjoying the fruits of it. Elana has a stack of recipes I am definitely going to try.
  • Cooking: Putting a roast in the oven or putting in some extra effort to cook a very deliscious meal for us. We’re only two, but I like feeling like a typical housewife every now and again 🙂
  • Archery: I signed up for classes with my husband almost three months ago now and yesterday was my first “good” lesson. It takes time and concentration and definitely gets my mind off the tight deadlines and pressure of work. It’s also a cool way to spend time with my husband!
  • Studying: I pick a topic and start researching it online, following experts and watching YouTube videos. I might even buy textbooks and signup for a course at a local college.
  • Time out: taking an evening and doing nothing, because as nice as hobbies are and studying enrich your life, sometimes you just need to do absolutely nothing for an evening. On evenings like those hubby and I would stream whatever we feel like or watch one cartoon after another. We’ll eat finger food if  it’s summer or a one-pot meal in winter. Little effort and just time spent together.
  • Painting: it really depends on the kind of stress at work, but if I had a day of meetings or analytic thinking, I like to do something creative after work. Simple acrylic, brushes and canvas or any other platform for painting and Bob’s your uncle!

What do you do to unwind? Do you try to do something every day? Do you like to do it alone or with a special someone?